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Wednesday, October 1, 2008
When you take the 3 hours bus ride
Just to be with him for an hour and a half

When you sacrifice cooking food you wanted to eat
And start enjoying the food he loves to eat

When you do things you never dreamed of doing
And yet you were able to do it for him.

When you enjoy watching him sleep
While doing justice league

When his hug is the best medicine
To cure your tired body

When you give up all the comforts in life
And yet you never complain

When you never give up
Because of him
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Monday, September 1, 2008
I remember back then I was twenty five years old people keep on asking when are they going to hear wedding bells or “kalian kami makakainon ng mainit na sabaw” as they say. Two years after I finally found the one whom I am willing to spend my days and nights for the rest of my life then some people were speculating, “I am already pregnant”

How I wish I was pregnant on my wedding day not to disappoint the tsismosas in the neighborhood but I really wanted to have our MINI- ME’S asap. But then again the conservative me opted not until I am married. Vin fulfilled his promise to my parents as well, that is the reason why my mom loves him so much. Now after a year and four months of being together, I never thought that having a baby is never easy. Now everybody is asking “ preggy ka na?” and I just smiled and simply say not yet…taba lang hindi bata.

This question adds up to my frustration because I know deep in my heart how my husband wanted to have a baby. Every time we were at the mall seeing cute babies, he keeps on pinching my arms and my belly. Now the pressure gets higher when my sister in law got pregnant for the second time. My OB and I are trying to work out and balance my hormones. She says I’m normal and I am capable so nothing to be worried. Maybe its just a matter of time.

Maybe God has some reasons why. I believe that he perfectly know when is the right time. I remember how He guided me finding my husband. It took me 5 years. I am pretty sure that He is preparing something BIG for both of us. There is no reason to feel the pressure. I will accept whatever according to HIS will. All I need to do is to wait patiently and of course enjoy while working on it.
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Monday, August 18, 2008
  1. For the last two months, my life here at the office is free from controversies and issues… and somehow I kinda missed them (the people and the issues HAHAHA)
  2. Work may not be that busy but I am suffering from stressful nights and days because of my paper. Well I now understand why thesis is the ultimate requirement for earning your MA/MS or its equivalent ( im referring to thesis track courses)
  3. People do have various reactions to stress. Mine are: severe diarrhea, nausea, UTI and skin allergies… all are physiological in nature.
  4. Writing a thesis needs a lot of time and money. Literally speaking. I spent my 15 days salary to pay my tuition fee and left me with 100 pesos. Good thing my husband is so supportive to my financial obligations in the graduate school. Without him how can I survive for the next fifteen days?
  5. Personality over intelligence counts. I may not be that intelligent but I can make these people move around me. Now who’s smarter???
  6. In this world…. Timing is important. And I am blessed to know when the time is right and when it is not.
  7. Speaking of timing, I guess this is the perfect time for baby blue to experience the heavy traffic along Ortigas Avenue Extension. Prepare the garage Vincent

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008
  • Similar to Vincent’s Things I Think I Think, I also came up with my own version and I call it Tips and Thoughts. They say in research to never duplicate an idea, I am not… I am just replicating it.

  • We pursue higher studies to learn and earn a degree. But there is more to that, we gain good friends and sometimes the best buds that we can have. My brother even found his better half. It is fun especially when you enrolled yourself to Graduate School and meet people with the same interests as yours. I used to have my travel buddies when I first entered Graduate school and now I am back again for my unfinished thesis. I have no regrets though for I earned another friends who turned out to be my Saturday night buds.

  • It seems that my husband is finally enjoying his MA in De La Salle. He easily established new friends who were both teachers in the Basic Education. I am glad that he is no longer antisocial. Hehehe.

  • With Vincent studying in DLSU, I wonder if he can be easily suede with the culture of his new home. Will the tiger within him still beat the archer? We will soon find out.

  • Working in an educational institution I am one of the beneficiaries of tuition fee increases. Part of the tuition of students, say 70% is allotted to employees so every time there is an increase we get a raise and we call it Across the Board. However, because of these increases the student population declined drastically and it end up the school which resulted to lesser faculty members. Additional manpower were put on hold and the school has to do a lot of cost cutting measures. In our case, multi tasking is the in thing.

  • Most schools started the school year yesterday and I am quite amazed that traffic condition is not heavy on my way to Letran. It was only now that I realized that most colleges and university in the Ubelt will officially start next Monday.

  • Never take the Gliner or the RRCG Bus if you are really in a hurry. If you do make sure that you leave the place as early as 5:30 especially if you are coming from Rosario. I tell you these two bus companies are taking their time as if there were no passengers who will be late on their appointments. And what’s more during rush hours, they made sure that there were around 150 passengers or more inside the bus. Imagine… sardines in a can. I just wish there’s an MRT line from Ortigas to Junction

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Life has its ups and downs and is never fair. Reality speaks and it really hurts. Sometimes the more you try to become a better individual chances are you are more subjected to life’s trials and tribulation just to test on your resiliency and character. Some people still keep the faith and continue believing that this too shall pass and better things are yet to come but for some they become skeptical and started to ask the million-dollar question… Why Me???

Lately, I’ve been through a lot and it’s killing the hopeful side of me. At first, I took it as a challenge. I don’t easily give up; I can come up with one hundred and one reasons to ignore all the distractions and detractors. I can be the “Deadma Queen” and continue chanting, “this too shall pass” “ its okay, you’re doing great” I am good at motivating myself. But when reality hit me face to face… I am no longer okay and I am not doing great. I am not needed here. This is where I asked that question. WHY? I came up with a simple answer… it is because it’s ME. “Mahirap maging ako” is the usual dialogue of my husband and I am now borrowing his tagline. For some reasons, some people do not like me no matter what and this is where the saying you cannot please everybody applies. And this is the reality, unfortunately, they don't like me and whether I do good or not, they dont actually care.

I believe some people are born lucky, but my husband says otherwise. He said that we make our own luck while I reasoned out that some are lucky because they can easily get what they wanted without any laborious exertion of effort (exaggerated, hahaha) and I envy them. My husband says I am luckier because I get things I wanted without asking a favor or a help of anybod. Just pure hard work. He even says it is more fulfilling. Well, I am not speaking of fulfillment; I am purely referring to luck just like the lotto winners. But maybe he was right, I maybe lucky to be ME. I am lucky enough that from these experiences I had the chance to practice the virtue of patience and optimism. Lucky enough to still fall under the category of hopefuls and managed to keep my faith undiluted.

Here I go again, trying to enumerate the next one hundred reasons why I need to move forward. After all my woes and struggle I am still trying to end my day right for me not to feel depressed. This is my constant battle, trying win over the negative forces of nature by way of believing that this is just a phase. Giving up is not the best escape. This too shall pass and my time will come. As to when? Soon.
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